English summary

Already as a young child I developed a passion for drawing, painting and mixing pulp, and this continued with unabated enthusiasm throughout my teenage years - something that caused those close to me to raise a brow.

On completion of my education, including my time at the University College of Arts Crafts and Design, I made a vain attempt to ”stop being creative”, but soon realized that there was no point in trying: I just could not find the same satisfaction in anything more mundane. Have also studied calligraphy in Japan and Sweden and worked as an art teacher.

My family and friends are tolerant of my need to:

...always have tubes of paint, crayons and a sketch pad in my handbag

...still want to buy Carl Barks' comic books

...plan holidays that include visits to nearby museums and

...find Banksy's illustrations in some city.


I have had works on exhibit at the Vikingsberg Art Museum, Helsingborg, House of Parliament, Stockholm, Liljevalch’s Art Gallery, Stockholm, Watercolour Exhibition 2000, Slovenia and European Makers Gallery, Amsterdam, among other venues.


Calligraphy has taught me to appreciate the space in between. Having learnt Japanese calligraphy, I once again discovered colours! The pen has given me discipline and taught me to appreciate the space in between (emptiness) more clearly - whether it be an object or a drawing.

Nowadays, I mostly paint in acrylic and solely from memory in order to experience genuine freedom.

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